Thematic Areas

We have a wide range of effective objectives.


To empower rural and urban communities on issues of democracy, good governance, and citizens’ rights, roles and responsibilities

Human Rights and Governance

To promote human rights and gender issues.


To equip the youth with knowledge and skills on sexual reproductive health and the impact of HIV/AIDS

Enviromental and Climate Change

To promote environmental conservation by improving waste management

Child Rights Governance

To reduce child, abuse and promote child protection

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

To spearhead efforts in improving water, sanitation and hygiene services in rural and urban communities.


BLAYACO was established in the year 2005 as a youth club and later registered with the National Youth Council of Malawi in the year 2009. The organization has an independent board of trustees and a constitution that governs its operations and has also self-motivated volunteers and a strong work force who are working tirelessly in implementation of the organization activities.

Our Core Values

We are centered on the following core values in our organization.


We strive to implement the principle of transparency by being open to all our beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders. We believe transparency will facilitate the development of mutual trust between stakeholders and partners, as well as open doors to new opportunities


We endeavor to be fair to all our constituents regardless of religion, tribe, race, gender or political affiliation. The principle of justice and human dignity will be of paramount importance in our operations.


We involve beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our projects by promoting participation, active communication and requesting feedback.


We are responsible for decision s we make and the actions we take. We hold accountable to our partners, donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders by conforming, to internationally accepted financial management systems and giving them the opportunity to evaluate our performance.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Purpose

This is what defines us!

Our Mission

To promote and defend human rights for the youth in the country and beyond through – activism, lobbying, awareness creation and capacity building.


We envision a vibrant civic space that embraces the values of human rights through youth engagement and participation in all spheres of human life.

Core Purpose

To raise awareness on issues pertaining to human rights, especially rights of a child to education, HIV/AIDS, gender, youth participation, early childhood development, women participation and empowerment.

Our Works

A glimpse of our work