Curbing violence against women and girls VAWG using art.

BLAYACO hopeful of enhancing the capacity of Mother groups, and Youth structures within the Organisations catchment area and further – on early child marriage and violence against women and girls.

BLAYACO team used various approaches aimed at instilling capacity in the participants with hopes of curbing the vice.

The Organisation used various approaches including engaging with the participating members existing knowledge through complementary participatory art approaches to be used in carrying out their work.

The following is a pectorial presentation of the entire session.

BLAYACO Executive Director Sam Kamanga making a presentation.
Music and dance with mother groups during the capacity building (training) session.
Music and dance with various participating mother groups
drama session – art
youth club member making a presentation
Representatives of mother groups presenting on women rights and child rights.
Mother group representative, answering a questionnaire
BLAYACO representative Catherine doing individual training session using questionnaires
Mother groups Representatives answering questions on the questionnaire
Youth club representative making a presentation on forms of violence against women and girls
Mother group interactive drama session
BLAYACO representative Oddette da Santos making a presentation
Youths Representative at the session.