Gala awards graced by a youthful artist Piksy in Ireland.

An Association of Malawians based in Ireland have asked the government of Malawi to setup a platform which will enable them to aid them to investing in various sectors as a way of developing the country.

This was said during a fundraising gala award the association organized in Ireland on 10 December, 2022.

Speaking in the aftermath the event, an advisor for the association- Bishop Shanks Kaunda said Malawians in the diaspora have the capacity to invest in their native country but however the absence of well-established platforms through which they can channel funds is an existing challenge that deserves solutions.

Having scooped the Personality of the year award at the event, Kaunda emphasized that Malawians residing in Ireland can create market links for various business that can benefit both partners and grow economies on both ends.

Meanwhile, President for the Association Henry Mkumbira Phiri, proposed that they have plans to undertake a number of initiatives citing the implementation of construction of houses for the elderly in Malawi.

As an association we have a bold future, and we would want to create a big diaspora grouping and more coordinated one says Mkumbira.

Among other things the association does charity work which includes building houses for the elderly and giving out needs to the vulnerable.

The award ceremony was graced by a headliner artist Evance Zangazanga widely known as Piksy who complement the purpose of the event which was raising funds for various charity initiatives.

Some of the awards that were presented include Personality of the year, Amai special award, Amai special purpose award, best chess player of the year, and Amai got talent.

One of the youthful awardees at the event