The theme for this year is focusing on Unity as a cornerstone towards the fight against the vice.

As one way of complementing governments efforts in the work of eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls, Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation BLAYACO sets to remind the masses about the evils of GBV.

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is an occasion for governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to raise public awareness of violence against women.

It has been observed on November 25 each year since 2000.

Meanwhile, this day also marks the start of the observation of 16 days of Activision against gender based violence (GBV).

As an Organisation BLAYACO will join activist from across the world who are calling for an end in all forms of gender based violence.

This years campaign is being commemorated under the theme Unite! Activism to end violence Against Women in solidarity with international community in the fight to end all forms of violence against women and girls.

As an organization that acknowledges the impact and effects of GVB, BLAYACO has previously collaborated with other Organisations in the work of curbing the vice, some of them including Art & Global Health Center Africa and Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Sourthen Africa.



Parents a Remedy to Ending Child Marriages and Violence Against Women and Girls

Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation has embarked on adult literacy capacity trainings whose aim is curbing early marriages and violence against women and girls in the country.

The development is an activity under the implementation stage of the MAWA project which BLAYACO is working hand in hand with Art and Global Health Centre.

Recently, BLAYACO members engaged parents within their catchment area which under Group Village Head man (GVH) Mussa Magasa in Blantyre Kabula constituency.

Speaking during the training, Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer for Blayaco Oddetta Emma Da Santos expressed gratitude over the response coming from the partcipating parents in the aftermath of the training.

She said, since rolling the implementation stage of the project, the response has been overwhelming and promising.

Blayaco used participatory art approaches in trying to create a platform to help sensitise the participating parents on their roles and responsibilities and enhance behavior change regarding cultural values.

Some of the participatory art activities included story telling, drama and use of visual cards which gave parents room to reflect and highlight roles parents have in issues related with child marriages and violence against women and girls.

At the end of this meeting, parents agreed to continue learning from the minutes that were discussed as they proved to be helpful ideas which will help shape the right direction of their children.

Participants during drama session.
Drama session
Blayaco members during the interactive session
Participants pose for a group photo after activities




Blayaco Pens Youths as an Essential Ingredient in Ending VAWG with the Incorporation of Participatory Art.

Blayaco in collaboration with Art and Global Health Africa are in the implementation process of the Mawa project which seeks to eradicate VAWG.

The project which is being conducted in Chirimba under Group Village Headman Magasa has thus far engaged Mother groups, Youth Clubs and Parents within the catchment area.

The aim of the project is to see to it that violence against Women and Girls is curbed – starting from household level and then spread all over.

According to Oddette Emma Da – Santos who is the Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer for Blayaco, the project is slowly developing and growing team working spirit which is essential in ending all sorts of violence.

She said with the incorporation of art activities such as Drama(Forum Theater), Music and Drawing, they have a great and portentous impact in the fight against the vice.

Some of the Participatory Art Outcomes after the meeting. Drama

All the participatory art approaches used proved to be useful and participants were excited and eager to engage in the activities. Says Da-Santos

On her part one the participants, commended the use of forum theatre which they say has enabled facilitators to observe the insights of participants on child development and early child marriage problems, and allowed us to empathise with how they solve these problems.

They also allowed the participants by opening up a scenario of understanding of how each group (i.e., parents and youth) viewed problems within the family and how they would expect such problems to be solved.

Participants pose for a group photo after the meeting.


Organisations team up in order to fill gaps that are there in trying to reach out to targeted beneficiaries.

In a bid to complement government’s effort in creating a better place for Children and Youth Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation and Human Power Organisation Have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will act as map to reaching out to a wider population with various developmental activities.

The two Organisations have come to terms from 12 August 2022.

Human Power Organisation (HumP) is a non profit making Organisation registered in August 2021, while Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation (BLAYACO) as a non profit making Organisation was registered in 2009.

As per their similarities, HumP and BLAYACO respectively, support the youth towards the realisation of their dreams, by motivating and empowering youths in social – economic development, on the other hand the organisations focus on empowering the youths to actively participate in developmental roles and contributing to the country’s development.

The development has come after realizing that the two organisations have similar plans and actions aimed at reaching out to children and Youths in Malawi.

According to Executive Managers for the two organisations, Innocent Chifipa Gondwe And Samuel Kamanga respectively the MoU will creat a bridge for the gap that has been there in reaching out to Children and Youths.

The Organisations point of interest is centered on developing the life of an adolescent with mannerisms, and action centred towards developing the nation and achieving various goals including the Vision 2063.



Curbing violence against women and girls VAWG using art.

BLAYACO hopeful of enhancing the capacity of Mother groups, and Youth structures within the Organisations catchment area and further – on early child marriage and violence against women and girls.

BLAYACO team used various approaches aimed at instilling capacity in the participants with hopes of curbing the vice.

The Organisation used various approaches including engaging with the participating members existing knowledge through complementary participatory art approaches to be used in carrying out their work.

The following is a pectorial presentation of the entire session.

BLAYACO Executive Director Sam Kamanga making a presentation.
Music and dance with mother groups during the capacity building (training) session.
Music and dance with various participating mother groups
drama session – art
youth club member making a presentation
Representatives of mother groups presenting on women rights and child rights.
Mother group representative, answering a questionnaire
BLAYACO representative Catherine doing individual training session using questionnaires
Mother groups Representatives answering questions on the questionnaire
Youth club representative making a presentation on forms of violence against women and girls
Mother group interactive drama session
BLAYACO representative Oddette da Santos making a presentation
Youths Representative at the session.


A time to reflect on the achievements of the youth’s and contributions to the vision 2063.

As one way of delivering it’s set plan of actions Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation has joined the rest of the World in commemorating the International Youth Day.

Before ascending to power, the Tonse government promised to provide employment opportunities to a million youths(Creation of One million jobs for the youths)

Meanwhile, recently, some section of the Youth have been taking to the street fighting for a transformation in the socialeconomic well being of youth and citizens in general.

The purpose of the International Youth Day is to raise awareness of any issues that may be facing the world’s youth to celebrate their achievements.

In Malawi, alot of youths have achieved numerous developments in various aspects of education, energy, health, trade and economy, mining etc.

The youths have thus been optimistic in achieving the vision 2063.

Pope John Paul II was inspired to establish World Youth Day in 1986 by the church’s Youth Jubilee (1984), a special meeting between the pope and young Catholics held at the conclusion of the 1983–84 Year of Jubilee, and by the United Nations International Youth Year (1985).



Organisations have the ability to curbing human trafficking.

Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Community Organisation BLAYACO has joined the rest of the world in commemorating the World day against trafficking in persons.

This day was set aside in order to provide a room to be raising awareness about issues of human trafficking.

According to the United Nations – Trafficking in persons (TIP) is complex and dynamic act which involves recruiting, transporting, harboring and possession of human beings through fraudulent means with an aim of exploiting them for profit.

The UN says Traffickers often use violence or fraudulent employment agencies and fake opportunities to trick and coerce victims.

And being a global issue Malawi has not been spared from this vice, and with increase in the unemployment rate in the country many youths are at the verge of being victims of this malpractice.

And as one of it’s thematic areas, Blayaco has projects and plans that focus on ending child labor and trafficking of humans.

The theme for this year’s World Day against Trafficking in persons is “Use and Abuse of Technology” technology has lately been the hub of Trafficking as many people have been awarded false online opportunities which have rendered them wanting.

Meanwhile this year’s theme focuses on the role of technology as a tool that can both enable and impede human trafficking.

Human Trafficking. Torn pieces of paper with the words Human Trafficking. Concept Image. Black and White. Closeup.
Crumpled pieces of paper with the words Human Trafficking. Close up.




Hlanganisa Mainstreaming Disability into Community Level GBV Interventions (Regional Programme) Inception Workshop from 4 – 5 July 2022 in Blantyre.

One of the Development partners Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa, has imparted knowledge in various Organisations including BLAYACO in areas of Mainstreaming Gender Based Violence GBV and Disability Interventions.

The two day workshop, drilled representatives of various organisations to have an in-depth understanding of the programme ( mainstreaming Disability into Community Level GBV Interventions )

In addition, Hlanganisa provided space for learning and sharing amongst beneficiary Organisations and visited the working guidelines for a broad working relationship.



Bwalo La Ana Active Youth Community Organisation (BLAYACO) with support from Art & Global Health Center Africa through the Make Art For Women Activism (MAWA) project, is implementing a project which seeks to eradicate early child marriages and Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Chirimba, Chemusa and Mbayani, Blantyre Urban.

On the 17 of July 2022, BLAYACO held an inception meeting at chirimba primary school. The purpose of the meeting was to appraise, gain support, and align work for a participatory discussion on the roles and required contribution of all stakeholders with a focus on community ownership and sustainability of activities.

The project which can be considered as in it’s pilot phase targets Chirimba, Mbayani and Chemusa under Group Village Head Magasa (GVH.

The meeting drawed various stakeholders including but not limited to, Chiefs, Police Officers, DYO, Health Workers, School Committees, Mother Groups, Representatives from Youth Networks and Strategic key Implementing Partners.
It is evident, from the activities that were conducted and feedbacks that early marriages and VAWG are on the rise in our respective communities. Hence, stakeholders have been tasked for urgent community response aimed at addressing the vice.

Participants creating a banner to be used in safe space which consist of art, drawing and writing.

According to BLAYACO management, the projects meeting was meant to enlighten the various stakeholders on their roles in the fight against VAWG and early marriages in the society.

The project which is still in the implementation stage, seeks to sensitize the community on child rights, to empower girls aged 14-17 in income generating activities, and to increase demand for SRHR services among the youth using art partcipatory approaches.

BLAYACO members standing behind a finished banner.

But what did the participants draw from the meeting?

According to the feedback from one of the participants Juliet Gwaza, Chirimba Primary School Committee Representative,  says there is need for the project to target and engage more stakeholders who usually are involved in the making of cultural and or religious norms that fuel child marriages and VAWG.

Gwaza – stressing a point during the meeting

Gwaza also pointed out the need for empowering victims of the mentioned vice economically, socially and physiologically.

Thus on her part, Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer for BLAYACO Oddette Ema Do-Santos hinted on the need for statutory institutions such as the National Economic Empowerment Fund NEEF to take the loans even in the typical settings for gilrs and women to have access to the loans.

Da-Santos making her presentation

Da-Santos said, it is sad to note that we have skilled youth’s and women who lack financial support to unearth their skills, but was quick to point the objectives of this project which among others seeks to empower the less privileged and marginalized women and girls.

On recommendations from BLAYACO, Kamanga said there is a need to scale up efforts in adressing the bottleneckes crippling gender equality through more intervations aimed at adressing VAWG and child Marriages in our respective communities.

Stakeholders in a participatory art activity through dancing and singing
stakeholders pose for a group photo.


Achinyamata ku Mangochi apempha Boma kuti lichilimike pothandizira ndi ngongole achinyamata amene Ali ndi luso losiyanasiyana la manja.

Pa 15 July chaka chilichonse dziko lapansi limakumbukira luso la ntchito za manja la achinyamata.

Mutu wachaka chino ndi Kuwonetsa luso la achinyamata kuti anthu antchito za malonda awagwilitse ntchito “Unvailing youths skills which investors can target”

Achinyamatawa adandawulira Boma kuti silikuchita kanthu powonetsetsa kuti ngongole za NEEF zikufiikira achinyamata ochuluka omwe Ali ndi maluso.

Iwo ati ngongole za NEEF, pamwamba poti zimachedwa, zimavutanso kuti zipezeke.

Poyamikira lingaliro lopeleka ntchito kwa anthu okwana 1 million omwe ndi achinyamata, ma bungwe osiyanasiyana ku Mangochi adandawura ponena kuti Boma silikuyika chidwi pofuna kutukula ntchito za achinyamata kuti ntchito 1 million zipezeke.

Pa mwambowu, akulu omwe anapezekako ndi monga Bwana nkubwa wa Boma la Mangochi Raphael Pilingu, Phungu wa Pakati pa Boma la Mangochi Victoria Kingston, Senior Chief Chowe, District Youth Officer Kumbukani Manda komanso Zakiliya Allisah wapampando wa mabungwe achinyamata m’bomalo.

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