Youths Deserve an Enabling Environment for Leadership and Participation in Social Economic Development of Nations.

During this year’s Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMESA youth Indiba, it was established that Developed Countries have invested in youth for national development and that most African countries should embrace the same spirit for social economic growth of the continent.

COMESA holds youth capacity building trainings annually with an aim of sustaining and unearthing the potential African Youths have.

Speaking After the Indaba, Chimwemwe Kaonga Executive Director of Centre for Governance and Leadership, whilst commending COMESA for the gesture, made a request going to the state president of the republic of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera to consider giving youths more space and opportunities in order for them to help in the social economic transformation of Malawi and COMESA as a bloc.

Kaonga in black jacket – paying attention to a panelist’s making a presentation.

According to Kaonga, youths shouldn’t be considered as leader’s of the future, but rather leaders for the present and the future, he continued to say it’s high time their energy,skills and innovative ideas starts to be meaningfully utilized.

Thus, on her part, Principal Youth Officer in the Ministry of Youth and Sports Chikondi Chasukwa, pointed out governments projects whose aim is to empower youths in areas of economy and leadership.

She made mention of projects such as the National Economic Empowerment Fund loans, provision of Jobs for youth projects, the Youth internship program and the project which is yet to be launched called the National Youth Service as projects government is implementing with an aim of empowering Youths.

Chasukwa on the middle – “presenting her minutes at the Indaba”.

COMESA is a regional economic community, Inter governmental Organization of 21 African states which agreed to promote regional integration through trade.

Hence, Adrian Ndasiyaba, A representative of COMESA during the Indaba sounded an alarm for countries within the bloc to utilise the innovation, skills and energy our youths have.

He revealed that COMESA in partnership with African Union Africa Governance Architecture (AU – AGA) are implementing a 3 year pilot project on youth and engagement in democrat governance and social economic processes in Africa with financial support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation.

During the Indaba the National Economic Empowerment Fund NPC also presented the first 10 year implemention plan (MIP -1) of the Vision 2063 and the draft of the youth engagement strategy which is also in the Malawi2063.

Meanwhile, as an interested party in the issues of Youth Empowerment, Bwalo La Ana Active Youth Community Organisation BLAYACO through it’s Executive Directors Sam Kamanga – have taken a step ahead in implementing what was discussed during the Indaba by organizing sessions aimed at instilling confidence in youths within the catchment area of the Organisation.